• Yu Sheng Modern Agriculture Branch

    Company Profile

    Shanghai Nongsheng Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Nongsheng Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 8888 Xialan Road, Zhuqiao Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It is 10 kilometers from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and only 5 kilometers from Huinan, the sub-center of Pudong New Area. The surrounding transportation and logistics are very convenient.

    The company specializes in the design, research and development, application of facility agriculture, facilities and gardening equipment and materials, as well as the introduction, digestion, adaptation, improvement and promotion of advanced foreign equipment.

    In 2016, Nongsheng obtained the Mingjinghua PO coating film produced by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., the world's top 500 company, and the distributor of VISSER China, the world's top supplier of gardening equipment. In 2018, we obtained HANAYAKA, HANAYAKA, the Neocoat series PO film produced by the world's top 500 Japan's Sumiyuki Film Co., Ltd., the F-CLEAN fluorin film of Japan Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. and the world famous substrate processing equipment supplier. The general agent and distribution rights of the Netherlands LOGITEC PLUS in China.

    Since the company's development, it has cooperated with many companies in China's top horticultural industry, such as Baoer, Weisheng Seedling, Dahan, Chuanhua, and Land Horticulture, and has been dedicated to showcasing quality projects to the market.

    While introducing foreign top horticultural facilities and high-quality covering materials, the company is committed to the research and development of agricultural innovative technologies, and has applied for a number of patents such as top seedlings, pull-pitchers, and film-cutting machines.

    The company adheres to the tenet of serving the greenhouse enterprises, fruits and vegetables, flowers, nursery factory manufacturers and individual growers wholeheartedly. “Zhen” materials “know” materials, and continue to introduce the world’s top horticultural facilities and other advanced technologies to China. China's modern agricultural development is a force.